With characteristics of operation of the traditional projects of airplanes for observation, used also for instruction in the whole world, airplane IPE-06A was developed. Using the most modern that exists in aeronautical technology, the IPE-06A reaches the world-wide market as one of the best aircraft of its category in such a way it excells in performance as cost (acquisition and maintenance).


The IPE-06A is an high wing aircraft of two places in tandem (longitudinally), to be used for instruction, observation, recognition, training and transport.

Possesses characteristics STOL (small distance of take-off and landing), basic requirement for use in places where the infrastructure is limited. Needing only seventy meters to land, make it a safe airplane in case of an emergency. It is of easy and fast assembly and dismount, able to be carried in road and kept in a cart in small space.

With the speed of cruise close to the two hundred kilometers and autonomy of five hours, the IPE-06A is an attractive and very economic airplane for short trips and light transport in small and medium distances.

The systems of control of the stabilizator (total) and aileron (partial) use push-puIl tubes, more trustworthy and with better qualities of response. All control surfaces are projected with ideal size to supply total authority in regimen of limited flight, essential quality mainly for an airplane school.

Envisaging accessible costs and final product with good characteristics, knowing values of research in new developments, we use similar basic concepts to the ones of already consecrated projects. Added the materials of last generation that make it more efficient, with higher structural resistance and modern design with excellent finishing, possible only with composite materials. These, the main concepts for improvement and consecration of project IPE-06A.